Monday, March 25, 2013

Life Lately via Instagram

Happy Monday everyone!

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I realized I don't have any posts scheduled for this week, which for this blog is strange. Everything you have seen so far was written a while ago and scheduled to post sproadically throughout the month.  I am a busy girl, and starting a new blog is a time-consuming endeavour, so I had decided before we went live that I would have tons of posts written so I could spend the time they were going live promoting them as well as finding new fun blogs to follow!

On top of realizing that I had nothing ready for this week, this weekend was a little crazy. I have a Calculus exam today and spent most of my weekend studying. I luckily had two days off of work so I was able to study for good chunks of time. I also have an online economics exam I need to take, and am looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can get that done.

The point you ask? Well, all of that studying means I had very little time for blogging. I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Dani (Thanks girl!) so look forward to my response post about that! Today though, I wanted to give you a quick little peak into life here at the Pawprint household.

If you follow me already on Instagram, you have already seen these photos. But if you don't (which you totally should, you can here) here you go! My life lately, via Instagram photos! Because Instagram "dump" just doesn't sound pretty enough ;).

Here we go!

Work has thankfully been pretty slow lately so I was able to start a new needlepoint project. (Keychains if you can't tell)

 We got a little rain this weekend, and the fur-babies were just not feeling going outside in it.

Found out these lovelies invaded my plants.
Broke out a dress and denim for Calculus last week. Was needing a splash of Spring in my life.

One night this week I guess I was a little more stressed than normal, and my therapy doggy GS was right there to comfort me. She slept all night like that, with her face on mine. Too sweet. 

Have been snacking lately on Bagel Chips and hummus but bagged bagel chips are expensive! So, I make my own instead.

LG suddenly seemed really big one day.

Since I cut my hair it has been drying naturally super wavy, and on busy days I won't lie, I take advantage of the shorter styling time.

I love my SodaStream and live off of the Energy flavor. It tastes exactly like Red Bull.

If LG doesn't think she has gotten enough to eat she will bring you her bowl.
Smart pup.

So there you have it! Our life lately via Instagram! Click here to follow if you aren't already, and don't forget to link up with Northern Belle Diaries for I Love Bloglovin!

Have a great week!

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