Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mornings with LG

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*Written when Lyla was 9 weeks old, she will be 13 weeks March 20th*

I have never been a morning person, but lately, my favorite part of the day has become when LG wakes up, between five and seven in the morning, crying from her crate quietly. She's getting more and more patient every day, but she definitely lets me know when it's time to wake up. 

And, I don't mind one little bit. Her kisses are sweet, and o, if I could just bottle up her incredible puppy breath...

Quietly, we will sneak out of bed together, and go outside for her morning potty break. It's usually hazy, windshields are still wet and so is the grass. I usually have grabbed a soda from the fridge, a little pick me up to help me get through the next hour or so, even though I know I won't need it; LG is enough to keep me awake.

She hops around the yard, and I am reminded of not only a tiny animal but also of a few of the 60+ lbs dogs I have known. Her excitement makes me think she likes this time of day just as much as I do.

Then we come inside, she gulps down some water and meanwhile I pour her a little puppy kibble. she sits in frontof her bowl to chow down, and I head to the couch to watch a few minutes of the morning news.

When she finishes her breakfast, she usually bounces over to me, toy in tow, ready to play. She romps around, And even though we picked up and put away all the toys last night before bed, it usually doesn't take LG long to pull them all out and have them strewn across the living room floor. She reminds me so much of S as pup, and it makes me even more excited to watch her grow.

Sometimes we learn new things, other times we just play with different toys. We work on knowing which toy is which: the ball, the rabbit, the ferret... The entire time I am talking to her and praising and giving her love. These are the times that will shape my little pit bull into what I dream of her being one day; the example of the type of pit bull that helps to change negative opinions.

When she starts to settle down, we go outside for another quick bathroom break. She is so quick about that part; as soon as she reaches the grass, she immediately does her business.

Enjoying that it's still just us and there is no reason to fear being trampled by the other, older members of the pack, she skips around the yard. Her energy is back as if it was never gone. She brings me different things she has found; sticks, rocks, pieces of bark and more opportunities for word association.

We play a little more, we might work on fetch or coming when she is called. Once i am sure she is sufficiently worn out, we finally head to the back door and it is time for her to face her largest challenge of all: The steps!

After each of our mornings together, I can tell that not only is she growing too fast, but she is also picking up on everything faster than I ever imagined. I have to keep reminding myself that now is the time to start truly establishing boundaries, while at the same time remembering that everything I say to her and every tone I take with her will affect her personality.

And then, finally, after about an hour of our one-on-one time, we head back to bed to snuggle with the rest of the pack. LG takes her spot on my pillow, head next to mine. I give her kisses and tell her I love her, and we hunker down for a few more hours of sleep.

Yes... Mornings with LG are easily my favorite part of my day.

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