Friday, July 5, 2013

Elfa Closet Redo

I have been in my new place a little over a month now, and there are quite a few things that I have already done to make it even more functional.

It really wasn't that bad to begin with, there were just a few storage issues that had to be worked out.

For instance?

The closets.


The doors are those awful sliding doors, with tracks that have been painted over about 100 times and are just worthless at this point. Those were the first things I removed.

And as soon as I started to hang things in my bedroom closet, I realized that the wooden "rod" they had in place was just not going to cut it.

With just barely a third of my wardrobe hung it was already starting to sag. Not good.

So that came down. 

And I was left with the empty closet that you see above.

So when my mom came to visit, a stop at The Container Store was at the top of our list.

I will go ahead and say, if you don't really know what you're looking for, the Container Store can be pretty overwhelming.

After looking for a few of the more obvious items we needed, we made our way over to the closet section.

The Container Store has a brand called Elfa, which really reminds me of Ikea in that it is very DIY centric and is meant to transform awkward spaces into organizational dreams with very little skill required.

There are employees there who will help you specifically design your closet. You can literally create a new closet from scratch, from a little broom closet to a monster walk-in-closet, Elfa is your one stop shop.

This is where I come back to what I said earlier.

This entire process has the potential to be either very simple, or incredibly overwhelming. It really just all depends on how prepared you are when you walk in.

I am sure there is a way online that you can figure everything out from home before you go in, but my Mom and I didn't do that.

We just walked in with very, very basic measurements of my closet, and a general idea of what we wanted it to look like.

Add to that an employee who obviously didn't know the system very well?

It was very frustrating.

In the end though, we walked out very impressed and I was very excited to put everything together.

A few days later MP and I tackled the project.

About an hour later, we were done and I was so impressed.

Complete transformation.

It is very sturdy, and, for the first time since I lived at home, I can actually fit everything that I want to hang in one place.

I have a ton of clothes, it's kind of ridiculous.

Anyone want to shop my closet?


Anyways, back to the magic Elfa closet...

It also solves the issue of a place to store linens, as I do not have a linen closet.

And, look at the awesome Pinterest trick I learned!

 Store your sheet sets in one of your matching pillow cases so it's all in one place! Yay for Pinterest!

And yay for lifehacks!

Are there any spaces in your home that were just not functional at the beginning that you were happy to change?

Share your hacks! I'd love to see them!

And I have a few more of mine coming up as well!!
This post was not sponsored in anyway by The Container Store or Elfa. I was not compensated in anyway for writing this. These are my own opinions. My mom purchased the materials at full-value, without incentive.  This again is in no way affiliated with the Container Store or Elfa.

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  1. We spent a fortune having our closet re done. I kinda wish we'd done it ourselves. Great job!


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