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A little about the blog...

This blog is a place where you will find pictures of adorable fur-babies, as well as posts about little pieces of my life.

This was my second attempt at a space in blog-land, and rather than announcing the page on my public facebook, I have tried to achieve a slight anonymity with this blog, hence the nickname, Ms. Paws.

I hope that you stay and look around a little bit, things are still slightly under construction, but I hope you decide to follow along and watch life go by in the blink of an eye with me!
A little about Ms. Paws...
I am a full-time student, studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.
 I am also a part-time work-at-home sales representative.
One day, I hope to sell private Jets, awesome RVs, and anything else that will make people smile.
Most of all though, I am a fur-mom to 9 amazing babies who you will read a lot about if you stick around a while!
I am currently on a journey to not only lose weight but also to get healthy! I have recently started adding fitness to my life, as well as learning to eat clean and to plan ahead so meals are more healthy.
I am exploring the world of cooking and meal planning, as well as fitness and just plain old healthy living.
I started this blog, as many do, to document my life as well as my fur-children's growth and change over the coming years. Even in just the few months I have been writing here in this little space, I feel like it has been a great place for encouragement and growth.
I read each and every comment, and love when I get the chance to respond! If you don't get a personal email back from me, it's either because you're a no-reply blogger or because I replied directly to your comment on that post so that other's could see the answer as well!
If you give me the chance, I will be the best friend you ever meet, and also the most devoted

I am an animal person, and if you are as well we will have no problem getting along!

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