Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Part II

Our first morning at the resort we slept in a little past 10AM, and realized on our first walk the furries that it was going to be a chilly day. We had both been pretty sick with head colds the week before, and decided that our original plan to spend the day kayaking and fishing on the water was probably out, neither of us were exactly interested in catching pneumonia.

So we bundled up, and took the pups on a walk around our loop and then lounged a bit around the camper. Around noon we decided to walk over to the Bike Barn to just check on the rental options for canoes and kayaks and fishing equipment. If nothing else we’d get a little exercise and fresh air.


On our way we stopped for a quick game of tetherball (let me just say Disney’s poles are entirely too tall for me, let alone for a child to play fairly with a normal sized adult) and also to snap a few pictures. It was fun to laugh and joke with each other, and good to finally really feel like the responsibilities that weigh on our minds every day had been pushed back for the time being at least.

The rental outpost was a little further than it had looked on the map, and when we got there we realized that the prices were just too far out of our budget to do everything we had originally wanted to. We headed back to camp a little disappointed.
About halfway back it finally hit me. I’m on vacation, I don’t need to be entertained or have an activity every moment. We were paying hundreds to stay at our campsite and in our RV, wasn’t that enough?

I voiced this aloud and after a few moments MP agreed. I grabbed his hand and smiled when he looked over at me and we walked the rest of the way back a little bit lighter on our feet. On the way we agreed that we would take one final look at the brochures for the activities I had been given when I had checked us in.

 While fishing and boating sounded fun, we really had our hearts set on archery or horseback riding.
We kept coming back in our debates over prices to just doing one activity that was a little more expensive.
We both had spent a lot of time around horses as kids and hadn’t been riding in years, and when I called “just to check” on spots for trail ride reservations, the happy Disney call center agent let me know that they had two spots left for the next day, for the 1PM ride. The phone on speaker, we both smiled and Mr. Paws handed me his debit card and mouthed “Make the reservation!” …  And I did.
The rest of the day flew and night flew by. We took a quick nap in the afternoon, still not feeling 100% over our sicknesses from the last week, and then took the dogs on a dusk walk around our loop.

We also finally went to Walmart around 9PM for a grocery run. We had both been dreading this, me having heard horror stories of the Walmarts close to Disney and Mr. Paws actually remembering how awful this specific one had been during his visit as a child on family vacations.
We were both pleasantly surprised though when we found everything we were looking for the first place we tried, and even though there were a ton of people it really was relatively easy to navigate the wide isles. We also saw Argo for sale, and impulsively grabbed it; we are huge fans of anything Ben Afflek does; our favorite movies as a couple are The Town and Gone Baby Gone. We were in and out of the store in record time, not even having to wait in line to ring out!
When we got in the car to head back to the campsite I looked at MP and said “We don’t even shop that quick when we’re at home!” He laughed and agreed with me and we headed back to our site.
We unloaded the groceries into our full size fridge, and hunkered down under blankets with the pups to watch our new movie.
Argo did not disappoint and around 2AM we finally crawled into bed, exhausted but excited for our last full day.

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  1. Good Morning. You're Spring Break sounds like it was super fun. I wish I could have gone horseback riding.

    I nominated you for the Liebster award. Please go here for more information.


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