The Paws

Members of the PawPrint Pack! (Nicknames to protect their identity and also mine.)

 The oldest Dog member of our pack, the smartest, most stubborn dog you will ever meet. She is also the cutest and most loveable pet you'll ever be around, which can usually create an interesting combination! She is more like a human and I take fault for that. She talks back, doesn't like to share her food and loves her tennis balls that her Aunt Courtney sent her, sleeps in every morning, and only does what she wants when she wants.  S may be a stinker, but I love her and she will always have a special place in my heart as my first-born.


Even though she acts tough, she's really just a big softy.


O GS... My crazy furry funny lookin' pup. GS is sweet as can be, usually anyways. She is to me, and no one else. She doesn't like dogs, she doesn't like crowds of people and she doesn't like to share. She sleeps under the covers and heaven forbid any of the other furries step on her. The sounds this dog can make! Let's just say, I'm glad she likes me. We sometimes call her old-man or grumpy grandpa. She has a beard and everything. See?

And this bunny?
Her favorite thing in the world, never leaves her side. If she doesn't have it, ask her where it is and she will immediately find it.
Sister also hates wind-shield whipers, on tv or in the car. Shes my special one.
The youngest member of our pack, but definitely not the smallest for long!

(Photo not taken by Ms. Paws)
 She was born in January 2013, and she is growing and learning so quickly. She is a sweetheart and I can't wait to see how she turns out. She is quite the character and already is so feisty! She plays just as tough as the others.
No pups were hurt in the making of this post ;)
Moments where she's still are rare so I try to catch them on camera!

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  1. Awww, your babies are so adorable!! I'm a fellow dog lover/momma. :)


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