Saturday, April 13, 2013

Almost there...

I'm about two weeks away from finishing my Spring Semester.. and goodness it has flown by.

I have done more studying and homework this semester than I can remember ever doing and it has paid off, but it has also made the time go by that much faster.

It'sfunny how when you have a new pup you seem to measure time by their growth.

I'm certainly finding that true with LG and let me just say, she is HUGE. She is growing so fast, and I'm so looking forward to my (two week long) summer break so I can spend a little time just indulging in this special time with my pack

And did I mention I'm moving again? Some of you may know that is the story of my life, and this will be the 8th move in 5 years. To say I'm sick of it would be an under-statement and I'm really hoping that the place I (think) I have settled on is hopefully a place I can see myself staying for many years. And, Mr. Paws proimsed to move with me. So we shall see.

But, right now, it's 4:45 in the morning and I'm exhausted. I just finished my second-to-last economics assignment for this course and now that the computer screen is blurry I'm off to bed.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend, and I promise posts will start to increase in the coming weeks.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Did I write sentences 1 and 2? I couldnt agree more with both of them!!! I'm so excited for this semester to end, oh my goodness! Studying and homework is crazy!! Like you said, the computer screen goes blurry..sometimes a little too much lol. I have never used up a notebook so fast in my life. It has paid off though! :) I'm assuming your taking a summer class, maybe? I am and will probably cringe after a few weeks! them :) Enjoy your time with her!

    I'm now following on here and on instagram!


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