Monday, March 25, 2013

Life Lately via Instagram

Happy Monday everyone!

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I realized I don't have any posts scheduled for this week, which for this blog is strange. Everything you have seen so far was written a while ago and scheduled to post sproadically throughout the month.  I am a busy girl, and starting a new blog is a time-consuming endeavour, so I had decided before we went live that I would have tons of posts written so I could spend the time they were going live promoting them as well as finding new fun blogs to follow!

On top of realizing that I had nothing ready for this week, this weekend was a little crazy. I have a Calculus exam today and spent most of my weekend studying. I luckily had two days off of work so I was able to study for good chunks of time. I also have an online economics exam I need to take, and am looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can get that done.

The point you ask? Well, all of that studying means I had very little time for blogging. I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award by Dani (Thanks girl!) so look forward to my response post about that! Today though, I wanted to give you a quick little peak into life here at the Pawprint household.

If you follow me already on Instagram, you have already seen these photos. But if you don't (which you totally should, you can here) here you go! My life lately, via Instagram photos! Because Instagram "dump" just doesn't sound pretty enough ;).

Here we go!

Work has thankfully been pretty slow lately so I was able to start a new needlepoint project. (Keychains if you can't tell)

 We got a little rain this weekend, and the fur-babies were just not feeling going outside in it.

Found out these lovelies invaded my plants.
Broke out a dress and denim for Calculus last week. Was needing a splash of Spring in my life.

One night this week I guess I was a little more stressed than normal, and my therapy doggy GS was right there to comfort me. She slept all night like that, with her face on mine. Too sweet. 

Have been snacking lately on Bagel Chips and hummus but bagged bagel chips are expensive! So, I make my own instead.

LG suddenly seemed really big one day.

Since I cut my hair it has been drying naturally super wavy, and on busy days I won't lie, I take advantage of the shorter styling time.

I love my SodaStream and live off of the Energy flavor. It tastes exactly like Red Bull.

If LG doesn't think she has gotten enough to eat she will bring you her bowl.
Smart pup.

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Have a great week!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Part II

Our first morning at the resort we slept in a little past 10AM, and realized on our first walk the furries that it was going to be a chilly day. We had both been pretty sick with head colds the week before, and decided that our original plan to spend the day kayaking and fishing on the water was probably out, neither of us were exactly interested in catching pneumonia.

So we bundled up, and took the pups on a walk around our loop and then lounged a bit around the camper. Around noon we decided to walk over to the Bike Barn to just check on the rental options for canoes and kayaks and fishing equipment. If nothing else we’d get a little exercise and fresh air.


On our way we stopped for a quick game of tetherball (let me just say Disney’s poles are entirely too tall for me, let alone for a child to play fairly with a normal sized adult) and also to snap a few pictures. It was fun to laugh and joke with each other, and good to finally really feel like the responsibilities that weigh on our minds every day had been pushed back for the time being at least.

The rental outpost was a little further than it had looked on the map, and when we got there we realized that the prices were just too far out of our budget to do everything we had originally wanted to. We headed back to camp a little disappointed.
About halfway back it finally hit me. I’m on vacation, I don’t need to be entertained or have an activity every moment. We were paying hundreds to stay at our campsite and in our RV, wasn’t that enough?

I voiced this aloud and after a few moments MP agreed. I grabbed his hand and smiled when he looked over at me and we walked the rest of the way back a little bit lighter on our feet. On the way we agreed that we would take one final look at the brochures for the activities I had been given when I had checked us in.

 While fishing and boating sounded fun, we really had our hearts set on archery or horseback riding.
We kept coming back in our debates over prices to just doing one activity that was a little more expensive.
We both had spent a lot of time around horses as kids and hadn’t been riding in years, and when I called “just to check” on spots for trail ride reservations, the happy Disney call center agent let me know that they had two spots left for the next day, for the 1PM ride. The phone on speaker, we both smiled and Mr. Paws handed me his debit card and mouthed “Make the reservation!” …  And I did.
The rest of the day flew and night flew by. We took a quick nap in the afternoon, still not feeling 100% over our sicknesses from the last week, and then took the dogs on a dusk walk around our loop.

We also finally went to Walmart around 9PM for a grocery run. We had both been dreading this, me having heard horror stories of the Walmarts close to Disney and Mr. Paws actually remembering how awful this specific one had been during his visit as a child on family vacations.
We were both pleasantly surprised though when we found everything we were looking for the first place we tried, and even though there were a ton of people it really was relatively easy to navigate the wide isles. We also saw Argo for sale, and impulsively grabbed it; we are huge fans of anything Ben Afflek does; our favorite movies as a couple are The Town and Gone Baby Gone. We were in and out of the store in record time, not even having to wait in line to ring out!
When we got in the car to head back to the campsite I looked at MP and said “We don’t even shop that quick when we’re at home!” He laughed and agreed with me and we headed back to our site.
We unloaded the groceries into our full size fridge, and hunkered down under blankets with the pups to watch our new movie.
Argo did not disappoint and around 2AM we finally crawled into bed, exhausted but excited for our last full day.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mornings with LG

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*Written when Lyla was 9 weeks old, she will be 13 weeks March 20th*

I have never been a morning person, but lately, my favorite part of the day has become when LG wakes up, between five and seven in the morning, crying from her crate quietly. She's getting more and more patient every day, but she definitely lets me know when it's time to wake up. 

And, I don't mind one little bit. Her kisses are sweet, and o, if I could just bottle up her incredible puppy breath...

Quietly, we will sneak out of bed together, and go outside for her morning potty break. It's usually hazy, windshields are still wet and so is the grass. I usually have grabbed a soda from the fridge, a little pick me up to help me get through the next hour or so, even though I know I won't need it; LG is enough to keep me awake.

She hops around the yard, and I am reminded of not only a tiny animal but also of a few of the 60+ lbs dogs I have known. Her excitement makes me think she likes this time of day just as much as I do.

Then we come inside, she gulps down some water and meanwhile I pour her a little puppy kibble. she sits in frontof her bowl to chow down, and I head to the couch to watch a few minutes of the morning news.

When she finishes her breakfast, she usually bounces over to me, toy in tow, ready to play. She romps around, And even though we picked up and put away all the toys last night before bed, it usually doesn't take LG long to pull them all out and have them strewn across the living room floor. She reminds me so much of S as pup, and it makes me even more excited to watch her grow.

Sometimes we learn new things, other times we just play with different toys. We work on knowing which toy is which: the ball, the rabbit, the ferret... The entire time I am talking to her and praising and giving her love. These are the times that will shape my little pit bull into what I dream of her being one day; the example of the type of pit bull that helps to change negative opinions.

When she starts to settle down, we go outside for another quick bathroom break. She is so quick about that part; as soon as she reaches the grass, she immediately does her business.

Enjoying that it's still just us and there is no reason to fear being trampled by the other, older members of the pack, she skips around the yard. Her energy is back as if it was never gone. She brings me different things she has found; sticks, rocks, pieces of bark and more opportunities for word association.

We play a little more, we might work on fetch or coming when she is called. Once i am sure she is sufficiently worn out, we finally head to the back door and it is time for her to face her largest challenge of all: The steps!

After each of our mornings together, I can tell that not only is she growing too fast, but she is also picking up on everything faster than I ever imagined. I have to keep reminding myself that now is the time to start truly establishing boundaries, while at the same time remembering that everything I say to her and every tone I take with her will affect her personality.

And then, finally, after about an hour of our one-on-one time, we head back to bed to snuggle with the rest of the pack. LG takes her spot on my pillow, head next to mine. I give her kisses and tell her I love her, and we hunker down for a few more hours of sleep.

Yes... Mornings with LG are easily my favorite part of my day.

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Monday, March 18, 2013


I have always been one to think that part of feeling good is also looking good. I'm not saying that I only wear the most expensive clothing that I can find. I'm saying that I like to feel put together.

I used to always do this. There wasn't a day in high school where I didn't wear makeup. Even if I wore sweats, I still had concealer and mascara on.

I have talked about my dark hole before, and I have to admit I didn't adhere to my rule at all.

I didn't wear makeup, I didn't get "dressed", I gained almost 40lbs... I stopped caring about myself.

Part of my New Years Resolution for 2013 though was to change this. I want to get back in shape, take the time to get dressed when I leave the house, I want to wear makeup and do my hair... I want to feel good, not just because I am happy with where I am, but because I feel like I look good too.

I have made a few changes...

 photo haircollage_zpse6414800.jpg

I cut 14 inches off of my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. The same day I started the process of going blonde.
I have started wearing makeup again and planning my outfits.
 photo 482585_4552118923266_497666748_n_zps5cbfbe6a.jpg
I accessorize with all of the adorable jewelry items I have collected over the years...
 photo 560488_4548122383355_1487059210_n_zpsd28bc1d3.jpg
And I take pictures of myself that I actually am proud to share.
 photo 563199_4547245001421_231508300_n_zps3f5fe340.jpg
I have started to gain my confidence back, and I know this is just the beginning. I'm excited, and I can't wait to share my journey with you all.
Learning to love yourself again is hard, but it's so worth it in the end.
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Happy Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Welcome, and ways to follow

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Thanks again, and welcome!!

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting -- St Patty's Day Style!

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Mr. Paws is Irish and so St. Patrick's Day has always been one of our favorites to celebrate together, and since it is coming up I thought I'd share a few of my favorite St. Patty's Day pins!

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Thanks for stopping by!!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break 2013- Part I

*Catch up on previous posts about Fort Wilderness*

This is the second post in the series that recaps Mr. Paws and my trip to Disney’s Fort Wilderness. The full re-cap of our trip will take place over multiple posts. I have chosen to break it up this way up not only for length purposes but also for the purpose of eventually making this blog into a book one day. Here is a list of the posts and links to each. Enjoy!

We were supposed to leave Tuesday morning, check in at Disney starts at 1PM, but Monday night I was scheduled to work from 9PM until 2AM. Originally I was fine with this, thinking that it would be a normal slow Monday night.  If we were just slow enough I knew I would be able to take time off the clock to pack, one of the many benefits of working from home.

But, I guess being sick the week before our trip really did take a toll on my brain, and I had somehow looked over the fact that Monday was scheduled as a 24 hour jewelry clearance day. We were slammed. The calls were back to back the entire night, and I finished my shift at 2AM exhausted, having spent the last 5 hours straight being overly enthusiastic and personable.
Mr. Paws had snuck in quietly around 1AM after closing at his own job and was out in the living room with the Pups when I came stumbling out of my office a little after 2AM.
I collapsed on the couch next to him and said “I would hug you if I could move.”
He half laughed and said “I would kiss you if I could move.”
“We’re pitiful,” I couldn’t even laugh as I said this as badly as I wanted to.
We spent the next few hours intermittently between the couch and doing laundry and putting a few things in a pile to pack in the car the next day. We went to bed around 4AM with essentially nothing ready.
I must have passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow, because the next thing I remember was waking up at 12noon. I was not a happy girl when I shot out of bed remembering how little had been done to prepare the night before. I was terrified we wouldn’t be leaving until after the sun had set.
MP was in the living room watching the news when I came stumbling out of the bedroom, and I was so shocked and thankful to see that he had everything ready.
“All that’s left is just to put it in the car.” He said when he noticed me looking at the pile of suitcases and boxes next to the door.
I sat down on the couch next to him and gave him a huge hug. “This is just one reason I love you and need you.” I told him. And it’s so true. I know I can always depend on him to take care of us and make sure that things will always end up going the way I had seen them in my head. This is defintely one strong part of our relationship; our ability to read each other's mind and almost see what the other does. We sometimes get it wrong but most of the time we are spot on and it really does bring a special something to our relationship that I know I have never experienced with anyone else in the world. 
By 2PM we had the Pups in the car and were locking up the house to leave. We waved goodbye to my neighbor and pulled out of the driveway. A quick stop for gas, and we were on the highway.
We made it to Orlando in record time and pulled off the highway at the Disney exit. We made our way into the depths of the park, following the signs for Ft. Wilderness.
The loooong drive into the park off of I-4.
Once you cross under this sign though you know you're super close!

We finally arrived at the actual entrance to Ft. Wilderness, and checked in without issues at the Reception Outpost. The receptionist gave me our resort IDs and a map and reminded me of the pet procedures. We were given our campsite number and we headed into the Fort to find our site!
On our way I texted the company we were renting our RV from and he said he was on his way. We got to the site and had enough time to walk the dogs after our long drive before the RV was delivered.
Within about 30 minutes everything was set up and it was just Mr. Paws, LG, SG, S and I left at the site. The sun was just setting and we started to get acclimated with the trailer.

Mr. Paws and the owner of the company we rented our RV from. During set up.

In the back of the RV under the window was our "dining booth" and kitchen.

The company even provided the out-door rug and chairs. They also set-up and connected everything for us.
We hadn’t gone grocery shopping before we left, somehow time had just slipped away so we were starving around 8PM with no food in the trailer.
MP remembered that he had been to the restaurant as a kid and had ordered pizza, and so we decided to head that way and see what kind of food they had to carry out.
It was a quick walk, a benefit of the “premier” campsite we were renting in order to have the pets with us, and when we got there realized there was an extensive menu to choose from.
We settled on a Cheese Pizza and nachos and wandered around the area while we waited for it to be prepared.
We discovered that there was an arcade, this was also where the dinner shows were and also where you can come for a carriage ride.
Our food was ready quickly and we headed back to the campsite. The fireworks show and Electric Water parade music piped in overhead and was great theme music on our dark walk back to the site.

When we got back we set up my Iphone to pump Mumford and Sons through the surround sound speakers and dug into our dinner.

Disney didn’t disappoint and it was delicious, and stuffed around midnight we set up the sheets on our queen size bed and snuggled in. The temperature outside was perfect to not need the heat inside our camper, so we fell asleep to the sweet sounds of the woods.

Next Up: Our first full day at the Fort, Horseback riding adventures and Disney Dog Park fun.

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