Monday, August 5, 2013

On Mental Toughness

This quote is constantly running through my head these days as I am starting to work more and more fitness into my routine.

There are days where I feel like I didn't burn nearly enough calories, or didn't go far enough. Most days I feel like I quit way too soon.

I am also trying to accept the fact that I am starting from absolutely no fitness in my life, at all.

I am not going to be in the same shape after two long walks that I was when I was practicing for Cheerleading 40 hours a week.

There is a very good chance that I am going to be slow, or even not have the greatest workouts during these first few months.

A lot of times, especially if I try to run, my shins give out a lot sooner than the rest of my body. I've been quite impressed by the capacity my lungs still have after being a smoker for as long as I have, but I am also constantly frustrated with how little my ankle and shins seem to be able to handle.

But, as long as I am getting off the couch and doing something everyday, I am making progress towards my ultimate goal of a skinny me.

That is what I keep telling myself anyway.

And it is getting better and each day the workouts seem a little easier. Every day I feel a little bit stronger and I can go a little bit longer without pain.

And it is only going to help I have been and plan to continue working on mental toughness a lot this week.

There have been too many times in the last 30 days that I have ended a workout early because my shins are on fire or my ankle is rolling. But I am always so angry with myself as soon as I am home and the pain has faded. I always chastise myself, I could have gone longer, I could have gone farther...

I hate cliches, but the reason they are still around these days is because they are so true.
Pain is temporary but pride is forever.

Giving up is not in the plan this week. I want to be proud and happy after I finish a workout, not frustrated with myself.

Part of this journey is setting yourself up for success. I'm not going to run a marathon next week, just like I'm not going to reach my weight-loss goals in 30 days.

When I started to get really serious about this journey, I took a "before" picture. I took updated photos the other day, about 30 days later, and there is definitely a difference.

I'm not quite ready to share those photos with the world, but the few people who did see them, said they could see a difference too.

Baby steps, people.

Also, the winner of the Spark Giveaway has been chosen! I listed all of your entries as they came in and thanks to we have a winner!

Congrats @KTAdams0422! Email me your address so I can get this to you ASAP!

Thanks everyone who entered! There will be another giveaway soon, I promise!

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  1. Good for you! Way to keep going! I really need to start my own weight loss journey. Thank you for sharing your progress.

  2. Keep up the good work! It's a marathon, not a sprint!

  3. I love that quote too!!! Keep up the good work! We will both be skinny Minnie's when we meet up for lunch in December!!!!


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