Friday, July 26, 2013

What I ate this week

I wish I could say the salad above was my own genius, but, I'm not going to try to fool y'all. You would totally call me out anyway when I show you pictures of what I put together!

See? No color whatsoever. Simple tilapia with homemade low fat Mac and cheese.

The salad above though, is from my favorite restaraunt in Tampa. They call it their "Mediterranean Salad" and it's salmon, feta cheese, strawberries, mandarin oranges and light balsamic vinaigrette, and its absolutely delicious. Not only does the fruit go perfectly with the balsamic dressing, the salmon is also the best I've had since moving to Florida, everytime we go.

Also, they deliver! Even better! My big butt doesn't have to even leave the couch to enjoy something so wonderful!

I did take the picture, however, and used the amazing "A Beautiful Mess" app to design the extras. I am hoping, that along with my weekly menu and goal posts, this "What I ate this week" will become a regular over here at LL&P.

See that hash tag? The annoying one you will get sick of seeing if you follow me on Instagram? I mean it y'all! Ms. Paws is getting skinny, and I mean it this time!

I am really trying to make the right notices when it comes to meals, I have gone a full 24 hours without a Mountain Dew, yay Spark!

My favorite meal this week? A simple grilled chicken breast and plain steamed broccoli. It doesn't sound like much, and really it wasn't. What made it the best meal of my week? That I made the choice to have something simple and healthy, when I could have gone another way.

We went to MP's parents' house for dinner, and the family decided we'd order from Chilis.

I sat and stared at the menu for ever until I stumbled upon the kids menu. Not only was it super cheap, but it was also the perfectly healthy meal I was looking for.

It is all about baby steps, people. And this week I am absolutely headed in the direction of a skinny me!!

 photo llpsig_zps2678775d.jpg


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  1. You are on the right track! Getting healthy is going to change your stomach issues!! Cleared up mine a lot!! Xoxo! You've got this


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