Wednesday, August 7, 2013

From my soapbox

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but our baby LG is a Pit Bull mix. We adopted her when she was a pup, the lady said she was 7 weeks but I'm pretty sure she was stretching the truth. She was definitely closer to 5 weeks based on my experience, but she was a big pup so she did look a little older.
I truly believe the younger you adopt an animal, the more attached and loving they become. This is especially true with pit bulls and pit mixes.
I have always believed that there is no such thing as an "aggressive" dog, just bad owners.
I have known 90lbs dogs who were aggressive and "dangerous" and I have also known 2lbs dogs that were just as aggressive and despite their size difference, still quite dangerous.
What did these dogs have in common? An owner that didn't really care or take the time to socialize the dog.
Our pups know nothing but love, and I know I am biased because they are mine, but they really are four of the most loving, gentle, affectionate, personality and love driven dogs that I have ever been around.
And people tell us this too.
Sadie has never met a stranger, Scout is the goofiest little thing most people have seen. Lucy is a sweetheart and just wants to give hugs and lay in your lap. And LG, we always joke she can't hold her "licker", she looooves to give kisses.
Even our cats are special. Cubby will jump into your arms and his mini, CJ (Cubby junior) is turning out to be just like him, hence the nickname.
Why am I rambling on and on about this?
Well, it makes me so angry that I have to technically tell a little white lie every single time I introduce LG to people and they ask what breed she has in her.
I always say she is a Great Dane mix. Which is probably mostly true, but really, she is more recognizable as a pit bull.
People have this awful stigma about pit bulls and pit bull mixes, and if you ask me, this should truly be directed to owners.
It is all in how the dog is raised! LG may be a brindle pit mix,but she doesn't have one aggressive bone in her body. She is just a loving pup that thinks she should fit in everyone's lap.
I always told MP that one day I would adopt a pit bull puppy and prove to everyone that it doesn't matter what type of dog it is as long as you give it enough love and affection throughout their life.

And I think I am doing it right.

Would you really believe that she sleeps with the kittens almost every night?

The four pups are so close and such a pack, they really are siblings and act like it.
Of course LG has her moments where she doesn't know her own strength, but never once has she scared me or made me nervous to have around other dogs or cats.
So the next time you come across a pit bull or a mix, don't think automatically that they are a bad dog.
You should always approach every situation with an animal you don't know with caution, of course never pet a dog unless the owner tells you it's okay. And of course remember to teach your children basic animal safety.
But don't judge the dog by its breed. Treat a chihuahua with the same caution you would a pit bull. Remember that it's probably an owner they had at some point in their life that caused any emotional damage you may encounter.
Don't think that the dog you read about in the newspaper is just like every other dog of the same breed.
And remember to give your babies an extra kiss today and everyday! You are their best friend, their entire world! Treat them like you want to be treated!
Not all pit bulls are bad!

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  1. I love pits and hate the discrimination against them, BSL, etc. It breaks my heart and infuriates me to see the many injustices they suffer daily, up to and including innocent dogs being put to death. :( All the pits/pit mixes I have met have been sweet, loving, gentle, GOOD dogs. One of my beloved rescue babies is a pit/golden retriever mix and she is the absolute sweetest, big baby, afraid of her own shadow! Curious though...why do you lie about your dog's breed? I think it's important for people to see a good, gentle, sweet dog and know that it is a pit - it goes a ways towards educating people and changing perceptions of this wonderful, but misunderstood breed!


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