Monday, May 6, 2013

What I DO {or} Day 6 of Blog Every Day In May

Quick note: Sorry about the lateness of this post, something went wonky with blogger when I scheduled it and it was somehow set to go tomorrow rather than today. I didn't sign on to blogger until just now so I'm just catching it. But, here is day 6 and make sure you check back tomorrow for day 7 where I talk about one of my biggest fears.

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, 'what do you do'?

I mulled for a while over this one… I wanted to pick something that you all didn’t know just from seeing my blog; I wanted to portray myself as more than just a student and a part-time telephone sales person. I wanted to find something beyond raising my fur-children…
But then my door-bell rang early Saturday morning and it became clear that I know the exact answer happened and I couldn’t really avoid the fact that what I do… is obvious and everything.  What I do…is save animals’ lives.
The past two days I have adjusted my sleep schedule around three little souls that stole my heart the second their big round blue eyes found mine.

My life for the next four to six weeks will revolve around those three little kittens, so new, innocent and delightfully dependent.

They already recognize my voice, they already know my face. If they aren’t in their container they are wandering around my sun-room, adventurous and happy to explore. Their little feet move quickly but they trip over paws often, slowing them down and making them easier to catch.
This one though?

She’s a mischevious little one. She is the only girl and immediately had a home with a good friend of mine the minute he found out she existed. He wants to call her Figaro, but I (secretly) call her Clementine. She’s adorable.
The other two, little boys, don’t have names yet, but we call them “blue-dot” and “black-dot”, referring to the small dots we put in their ear with (non-toxic) marker to tell them apart. The two boys are adorable, look exactly alike, and MP already said he can tell that one of them is going to be a “foster-failure” (in which we keep a baby that was meant to find a forever home elsewhere).

These little babies make the sleep-less nights, extra cleaning, extra responsibility during an already impossibly fully time in my life, but I love it and like I said… it is what I do.
I laughed out-loud Saturday evening when I realized what this post was ultimately going to be written about, how I would answer this prompt.
I had told MP, literally, the night before the kittens were found, how much I had loved hand-raising Cubby, and would love to do it again, but knew that now was not the time, with a move just three short weeks away and summer semester looming close. Money is also (always) tight and the extra burden of formula for a litter of kittens is overwhelming. I guess fate had other plans for me though! Told you it's what I do.
It wasn't long though before my door-bell rang again, and I'm sure that my neighbor with the $20 bill was sent by God. Literally. My neighbor has offered to help cover costs. Even a little bit helps a lot.
These little babies are so worth it, and make what I “do” so worth-while and so fulfilling. The day the little babies are grown and their forever homes contact me to let me know how perfect their new family member is, I will smile and completely forget how much sleep I lost and the scratches on my hands. I will just remember those big eyes locking onto mine with recognition evident, the little cries that let me know my babies need me, and for now I’m their momma.

How would you answer this? Head over to Story Of My Life and link up for the Every Day in May Challenge, we’d love to hear answer!
Happy Monday!
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  1. What a wonderful thing to DO! I do the same, perhaps on a smaller scale than you, as I have 3 animal-kids instead of 9 or 10, but I too cannot turn away an animal in need/a stray/lost, etc.


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