Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real women (insert verb here)

I first wanted to say hello to all of the new followers!

So glad you've decided to follow lil old me, and I hope you decide to stick around!

I can't believe how many of you have entered the giveaway so far, I'm so excited to find out who wins! Don't forget to enter if you haven't! The giveaway ends June 28th. Thanks again to Neely and Stephanie for hosting!

I have never been good at transitions so I'm just going to say we're moving on now.


Have y'all ever noticed that a lot of people in blog-land seem to be paired up?

A lot of us bloggers seem to either live with our man, or you might be married, or there's just that special guy in our lives.

Regardless, there seems to be for a lot of us that person to (presumably) help out with the "manly" chores.

Like taking out the trash, cleaning up after the puppy, installing closets or hanging pictures. Mowing the lawn.

But, doesn't it feel good sometimes to do those things yourself?

I posted this photo to instagram the other night, after I had spent over an hour mowing my lawn.

We recently moved and this was the first time I've had to mow the lawn, and the first time is always tricky, figuring out what works and what doesn't which maze is best to weave.

It was also thundering the entire time I was mowing and so I was going as fast as I could trying to get it done before the pending monsoon.

I also had the pleasure of finding out that there is not an outlet on the outside of my house, and my lovely mower is electric.

I had to plug the extension cord into an outlet in the kitchen and there was not once, not twice, but (probably) more than three times that the pups unplugged my cord.

I was convinced almost every time that I had done something to break the mower. And I'd look over my shoulder at the half mowed, half forest looking lawn and want to cry.

I just wanted to get it done and over with.

When I finally finished, I was drenched head to tow.

Before I move on let me paint you a picture of the outfit I sport while I mow: Tall socks pulled over cropped pants and long sleeves, a scarf and glasses: I'm terrified of bugs.

So I basically stripped down, lit myself a celebratory cigarette (so sue me) and I snapped this photo literally seconds before the monsoon came.

Moral of that long-winded story?

It sometimes feels good, no great to accomplish tasks like that all by yourself. Hence the title of the post... Real women .... Insert your choice of verb here.

For me?

Real women mow their own lawns.


Hang their own pantry shelves.


Hang their own wall art.

When MP arrived a few hours after I had finished, and even though the sun had already set, he said he could tell that I had mowed and that it looked great.

The next morning you could see the spots I missed. But, we'll talk about that another time.

Happy Tuesday y'all!

 photo llpsig_zps2678775d.jpg

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  1. I don't have a significant other who lives with me, so I tend to do these things myself too. Badly, but I do do them.


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