Sunday, June 23, 2013

An update on the pack

And when I say pack...

I do mean pack.

We have ten nine right now.

We do have a home for one, thank goodness. She went earlier this week.

Sweet Daisy.

She was abandoned in our old neighborhood and we took her in. Her new forever home is with a woman who I work with.

She is awesome.

She has kids.

Daisy will love it.

I just hope that the family's current pup accepts her.

It is ultimately up to the dogs, of course.

I also mentioned the three kittens.

We call the little girl Clementine.

And the identical twin boys "LB" and "DB".

They are so sweet.

We have had them about a month, and they have grown so much. They are fully weaned and eating kitten wet-food on their own now.

Feeding times are always a little bit of a frenzy, but it's cute and I have to admit... They are adorably cuddly when it's getting near dinner time.

It has been such a blessing as well to watch their personalities develop and begin to see the differences in the dynamics of the litter.

Clementine is so much bigger than her brothers, but she is also a sweet-heart and loves to sleep the day away in your lap.

LB and DB are so much a like it's incredible. They are little menaces when they team up, and sometimes their little yells during fights catch your attention.

And rather than break it up, I think it's almost too funny to watch them sit across from each other and bat their paws back and forth.

Rarely do they make contact with each other, but occasionally there is the butt-wiggle and a pounce, and then they run off to different sides of the room.

The miracle of life is great. God is good.

We will have them fixed at 3 months and then start to find the right homes for them.

Let's hope for no foster failures like the Cubster.

Who is wonderful, and fat.

He might as well be called Garfield.

And then there's Gracie, who hides most of the time.

It's hard to catch a picture of her, but I will post a recent one when I have it.

Then there's S who turned 4 the first of June.

She's adorable and lovely.

There is also LG and LuAnn. They're my goof-balls, but that's not a surprise.

LG is getting big, fast. It's hard to believe she was smaller than the other pups at one point.

I can't wait to see how big she gets!

Then there's my little side-kick, GS.

She almost caught a lizard once on one of our solar lights, and since then she is convinced that there are lizards living there.

Every single time we go outside she immediately goes straight to the same light and doesn't leave it until we all go inside.

She makes us laugh.

Side note... We have a look-alike competition coming up, and are looking for good ideas. Feel free to suggest some in a comment!

So that's ten. I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. I tend to mis-count often which can lead to the occasional funny scenario.

But it all works out and we do sleep well at night.

Well, we did when we had working AC.

More on that later.

Happy Sunday, and be sure to enter the $500 Tory Burch giveaway if you haven't yet!

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  1. It good to see another animal lover. I have 12 cats. The story goes like this I started with 4 cats, then my brother moved in with me with his 3 cats and then one July morning in 2010, I looked out my window and see a mama cat feeding her 4 babies. I just couldn't let them live outside in the middle of the city. So, I took them in. My brother passed away 2 years ago, and his kids would not take the cats sooo, here I am with 12 cats. I tried to get the little ones adopted out, but no takers. I still have to fix 2 of the littles yet. Money being a problem. Well that's my story and I'm sticking with it. HAHA

    1. Aww Sue! You have a wonderful heart!!! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you girlie!!!! You are too awesome, thanks for all the love and for stopping by my blog!! :) <3


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