Sunday, April 28, 2013

The best Birthday present ever...

Tomorrow I turn 24, and I will be getting the best birthday present ever... At 5PM eastern time, I will officially begin my summer vacation! Right now I'm not exactly sure how long it will last (long story that I will blog soon) but I plan to enjoy it for as long as I can!

I worked harder this semester than I remember ever working before, and it looks like it will definitely be paying off when it comes to my grades this semester! I aced my last three Calculus exams and that felt amazing! I understand now how it's possible for people to love school and learning. When you finish with an incredible grade it makes you think you can take on anything! I'm looking forward to registering for my next set of classes and finally having an official graduation date. Seeing the finish line getting closer and closer is more exciting than I could have ever anticipated.

And, y'all... I will finally be SAFE again!

I am moving June 1st, so May will be full of packing and organizing, and I have to say the drive to and from school and when I have to go in-house for work will be longer, but the pay-off is so worth it. There are definitely a lot of things I am giving up in terms of moving from a house to an "apartment", but the safety of the neighborhood, and the fact that I will be able to walk out the door with the pups for a walk... I cannot wait.

My new place is about 100 sq ft smaller than where we are now, but after a few measurements that is turning out to be a bigger difference than I had anticipated. I am going to defintiely have to downsize when it comes to my office furniture and dining room furniture... And of course I can always get rid of a few clothes.

The backyard is going to be considerably smaller as well, which will definitely be an adjustment for the pups, but we have a dog-park and also about 47 acres of neighborhood to explore and walk whenever we want so I think it will all work out perfectly.

I'm also looking forward to living in a place where all of my fur-children are "official." This involves a LARGE deposit, but with a few extra birthday dollars, a lot of extra work hours and a very good bonus this month at work, I will make it work!

I will also be maxing out my hours at work each week from now until I start classes again. My intention behind that is to keep myself occupied: I wont have class or homework so my hours should be spent doing something, right?

I still plan on blogging as much as I can, and plan on participating in the Blog Everyday in May challenge with Jenni at Story of My Life! I can't wait to make my way through the prompts! I love the release from writing and the work-out it gives my brain! I plan to take a little chunk of time each day to work on the prompts. I am going to try to stay a little bit ahead and have them scheduled so I can make sure I finish!

If you want to join in or just take a look at the prompts you can check them out by clicking on the button below!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you have a wonderful beginning of your week!

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